PFFFT! (7.7 @ 7PM)

Big toots poppin off @ BUCKBUCK, Saturday, July 7th. Come break new wind with us at our first official show, Pffft! Plenty of potty-humor and gnarly shit to satisfy everyone's inner copraphiliac. Come early and fill your guts with rotten meat and booze (suggested donations welcomed).


Sage Perrott
Puking, farting, and spewing general unpleasantness, my imagined creatures create an open, ever evolving visual narrative.  These creatures become the cast of characters for my prints and drawings, which focus on daily interactions and relationships.  I currently live and create artwork in Athens, Ohio where I am pursuing a masters degree in printmaking. See more artwork:haypeep.tumblr.com .  Buy artwork : etsy.com/shop/sageperrott

Brad Pierce
My work depicts the creatures and moments that occur in my mind.  These works are an escape from the submissive role in a mundane reality.  They embrace and add humor to the ugliness of human nature and the pointlessness of life. They are a culmination of too much rock 'n roll and cartoons. buttcoffin.tumblr.com

Jes LaVecchia
aka. 'Jeshaka', is a Pittsburgh based artist that loves to mock the human condition with hot dogs, pizza, and cute wrinkly people every chance she gets. Pee-Wee Herman and Larry David are her heroes. facebook.com/jeshakadraws  +  jeshaka.blogspot.com

April D. Felipe
My work uses the language of the childhood home; it’s about exposing the constructed nature of the past to reveal our desire for belonging and the complexity of such a task.

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