BROTHERS: Works by Peter Larson (Friday, September 21, 7-11PM)

Join us next Friday (Sept. 21st) for our first solo exhibition. BROTHERS features works from two Peter Larson series, BROTHERS and I Am Not Leroy. Drinks, music, great photography and illustration.

Peter Larson is a 24-year-old photographer from Cleveland, OH. In 2010, he graduated from The School of Visual Communication at Ohio University and returned home thereafter. Peter currently works from his space at 78th Street Studios. He hopes to eventually publish an extended version of Brothers in book-form.

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, September 21st 7-11PM

BROTHERS will run through October 14th



Inspired by the spirit of my closest friends, I began this ongoing photo series, Brothers, to capture their unwavering character exposing moments of youth ranging from uncensored debauchery to unguarded vulnerability.

The presence of my camera, along with the interactions with my subjects, blurs the line between staged and candid imagery. Throughout the photographic process, I often observe and question how the camera influences my friends' behaviors, and in turn, how their actions impel my own.

For the subjects, these photographs provide them the opportunity to recall fleeting moments that otherwise may have gone unnoticed or forgotten. Others who may not have a point of reference for these images are encouraged to create a narrative for the photographs.



is series of paintings that I make with india ink. These minimalist portraits serve to offset the technical aspect of my photography while allowing me to make as many mistakes as possible.

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