ART OF THE GAME: a Celebration of Art & Basketball

October 20 (4-11PM) - November 11

Basketball has become a modern symbol for creativity, style and fashion. On and off the court, the creativity of the game and its players has become iconic in our culture. The fluidity, versatility, grace and individuality of a player's approach has made basketball an artform. BUCKBUCK Studio and Double Scribble are teaming up to think critically about the Art of the Game.

ART OF THE GAME: A Celebration of Art & Basketball
will showcase works from the public and an array of artists and disciplines. A $5
donation will be suggested at the door with proceeds benefiting Pathway: Caring for Children.

We are currently accepting show submissions through October 14th. Paintings, drawings, collage, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, photography, etc. of all sizes and formats will work... as long as they relate back to the game of basketball in some way. If you would like to submit an animation or digital work, please email us at buckbuckcle@gmail.com so we can make sure we have the proper accommodations.

There is no entry fee for framed, ready to hang submissions. However, there will be a $5.00 fee for any unframed artwork.

Or for digital submissions to the Double Scribble blog, please email doublescribbleusa@gmail.com


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